Tamarind Art Gallery, NY. Solo Exhibition

Essentially abstract, yet evocative of webs, systems, and networks,  my work bridges the organic and the technological. In the canvas works, intensive, hand-drawn, black line drawings  and washes of earth-toned colors hover somewhere between the biological and the architectural. Expanding the idea of drawing into the third dimension, a dense, line-driven installation appears as though it grows from and breaks through the gallery walls. Created from black wool yarn, it is reminiscent of a giant crystal formation.

My work is about giving form to thoughts and emotions beyond the human understanding of time and space - like how sediment, in different states, can give form to a tiny crystal or the Grand Canyon. Exploring a range of references over the years -  from women’s labor to immigration patterns; ancient myths to science fiction; geology to geometry, my process is one of synthesis and distillation. It is informed by my desire to reveal systems that are dynamic and never-ending. Systems are everywhere in the natural world and in the man-made world. I am fascinated by how they intersect, mirror, clash and mutate into ever-changing forms.