VASTER THAN EMPIRES  is a live performance of immersive sound and video, inspired by the ecological sci-fi story, VASTER THAN EMPIRES AND MORE SLOW by notable science fiction author, Ursula K. Le Guin.

In Le Guin’s story, an exploratory ship is sent to investigate a newly discovered planet. The ship’s team finds a world covered in forests, devoid of human life. As they set out to explore the planet, members of the team begin to sense a feeling of dread, as they realize the entire vegetation on the planet is made of a singular consciousness that is starting to respond to their presence.

VASTER THAN EMPIRES will be comprised of a live mix of sound created from layers of analogue harmonic frequencies generated by a Moog sub37,  and digital audio samples collected from the Hoh Rainforest in the Pacific Northwest. Changing frequencies in the sound will trigger and mix video segments shot of the forest.

During the year-long residency at Harvestworks, the creation of an immersive audio visual environment for live performance will be explored with the assistance of the TEAM Lab sound engineers, to create multichannel sound and software programmers, to develop interactivity between the sound and accompanying video. The project will be premiered at a venue in New York.