Micaela Projects, San Francisco

“I hovered there near the monitoring Crystal and saw again how the edges of the continent were being pressed and squeezed up into its mountain folds, how the deserts lay and spread, how the great forests of other times had gone, and realized that I was seeing something extraordinary. A grid had been stamped over the whole continent. It was a mesh of absolutely regular rectangles. I was seeing a map, a chart, of a certain way of thinking…this was a way of thought, a set of mind, made visible.” - Doris Lessing, “The Sirian Experiments”

TECTONICS is a series of archival digital prints that explores ruptures in the structural features of globalization. My starting points for the project are the scientific mapping of natural phenomena and concepts in Eastern philosophy relating to embodiment, cognition and Mind. Between these geographical and cognitive sites, the body can be seen as metaphor in which effects of globalization manifest in terms of simultaneous disintegration and reintegration.

I combine drawing techniques with digital processes to map the body in terms of dynamic states of power - continuously shifting spheres of influence that effect not only geographical, but political, economic, and mental terrain, as well. In my work, bodies become a drawing tool to map unseen traces of energy, motion and the passage of time.